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How to watch over 400 meteors shoot through the sky for an hour Thursday night

Google Science Feeds - 5 hours 29 min ago
The night sky could light up with hundreds of shooting stars for an hour on Thursday thanks to a spectacular celestial event. The alpha Monocerotid meteor shower is set to be at its peak late Thursday night into the early hours Friday morning with up to 400 ...

First Global Map of Titan Reveals a Truly Alien World

Google Science Feeds - 5 hours 30 min ago
Using data gathered by NASA's Cassini probe, scientists have compiled the first global geologic map of Saturn's enigmatic moon Titan. The new map reveals a world that's distinctly familiar, yet completely foreign at the same time. New research published this ...

SpaceX's Newly Launched Starlink Satellites Block Galaxy Observation

Google Science Feeds - 5 hours 32 min ago
Last week, Elon Musk's SpaceX launched 60 communication satellites into space as the second batch of its Starlink project, which aims to provide global broadband internet service through a constellation of thousands of Earth-orbiting satellites. Including the ...

Enormous Asteroid Measuring More Than 2000 Feet Wide to Whizz Past Our Planet Tomorrow

Google Science Feeds - 5 hours 38 min ago
Tomorrow, a giant asteroid measuring up to 2,034 feet in diameter will speed safely past Earth at around 17,800 miles per hour. The space rock—dubbed 481394 (2006 SF6)—will make its close approach at 7:01 p.m. EDT on November 20 when it will come ...

Natural Killer Cells Can Be “Reprogrammed”

Google Science Feeds - 6 hours 3 min ago
Killer cells of the immune system detect and kill infected cells or cancer cells. Researchers at the Institute of Pathology at the University of Bern have now discovered that the mechanism by which certain immune cells kill their target cells can also be used to ...

First high-speed straight motion of magnetic skyrmion at room temperature demonstrated

Google Science Feeds - 6 hours 33 min ago
Date: November 19, 2019; Source: Tohoku University; Summary: Researchers have, for the first time, successfully demonstrated a formation and current-induced motion of synthetic antiferromagnetic magnetic skyrmions. The established findings are expected ...

Mysterious 'oxygen spike' detected by Nasa's Curiosity rover on Mars and scientists are baffled

Google Science Feeds - 6 hours 38 min ago
SPACE scientists have been left scratching their heads after a Nasa rover sniffed a strange spike in oxygen on the surface of Mars. The £2billion Curiosity rover detected mysterious rises and falls in Martian oxygen levels that don't fit what we know about the ...

NASA discovers water vapor — and maybe more — on Jupiter's moon Europa

Google Science Feeds - 7 hours 2 min ago
NASA has confirmed that one of Jupiter's 79 moons has water vapor above its surface — and possibly even a liquid water ocean — providing more evidence to scientists' previous predictions that the moon has the ingredients necessary for life. Scientists were ...

50 Years Ago, Americans Made The 2nd Moon Landing... Why Doesn't Anyone Remember?

Google Science Feeds - 7 hours 11 min ago
Fifty years ago, astronaut Pete Conrad stepped out of the lunar module onto the surface of the moon. His first words were: "Whoopie! Man, that may have been a small one for Neil, but that's a long one for me." Conrad, who stood at just 5 feet 6 inches tall, was ...

Light-sensing camera may help detect extraterrestrial life, dark matter

Google Science Feeds - 7 hours 19 min ago
Researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have made one of the highest-performance cameras ever composed of sensors that count single photons, or particles of light. With more than 1,000 sensors, or pixels, NIST's camera ...

New microfluidics device detects malignant multiple myeloma cells in blood

Google Science Feeds - 7 hours 23 min ago
Scientists have developed a microfluidics device that could potentially be used for the non-invasive detection or monitoring of disease progression in multiple myeloma. multiple myeloma Image Credit: David A. Litman / Shutterstock.com. The device enabled ...

Some people with half a brain have extra strong neural connections

Google Science Feeds - 7 hours 24 min ago
Half of a brain can do a full-time job. A detailed study of six adults who, as children, had half of their brain removed to treat severe epilepsy, shows how brains can reorganize and bounce back. As extreme as the surgery is, many of these people keep or ...

Using AI to predict Earth's future

Google Science Feeds - 7 hours 24 min ago
Credit: European Space Agency. A recent "deep learning" algorithm—despite having no innate knowledge of solar physics—could provide more accurate predictions of how the sun affects our planet than current models based on scientific understanding.

50 Years Ago, Apollo 12 Astronauts Walked on the Moon. They Had the Funniest Crew

Google Science Feeds - 7 hours 29 min ago
Apollo 11 may have made history as the first mission to land humans on the moon, but Apollo 12, which landed on the moon 50 years ago today, apparently had the funniest crew, according to NPR. In the audio interview above from NPR's Morning Edition, ...

Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital: Babies and mums died 'amid toxic culture'

Health News BBC - 7 hours 31 min ago
Staff got dead babies' names wrong and, in one case, referred to a child as "it", a leaked report says.

New screening method identifies inhibitors of cancer cell metabolism

Google Science Feeds - 7 hours 37 min ago
Date: November 18, 2019; Source: University of California - Los Angeles Health Sciences; Summary: A new screening system developed by scientists leverages redundancy in an important component of a cell - nucleotide metabolism - to help identify new ...

SNC's Dream Chaser spacecraft can supply NASA's lunar space station – and become its own orbital platform

Google Science Feeds - 7 hours 41 min ago
Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC) is in the process of developing 'Dream Chaser,' a reusable spacecraft designed to ferry cargo to the International Space Station, and bring it back to Earth, landing on a runway like the Space Shuttle. Today, the company ...

Antibiotics from the sea

Google Science Feeds - 7 hours 45 min ago
Date: November 18, 2019; Source: Friedrich-Schiller-Universitaet Jena; Summary: Biologists have succeeded in cultivating several dozen marine bacteria in the laboratory -- bacteria that had previously been paid little attention. The researchers then carried ...

Honeybees Use Their Wings as Hydrofoils to Maneuver on Water Surface, Study Shows

Google Science Feeds - 7 hours 59 min ago
Honeybees (Apis mellifera) trapped on a water surface use their wetted wings as hydrofoils for their water surface propulsion, according to a paper published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. A honeybee fallen on a water surface ...

Infants from 2100 years ago found with helmets made of children's skulls

Google Science Feeds - 8 hours 15 min ago
A team of researchers from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and Universidad Técnica de Manabí in Ecuador has found and reported on ancient infant skulls that were excavated at a site in Salango, Ecuador. In their paper published in the journal ...


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