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NASA To Use ION Engine In A Test Mission To Redirect An Asteroid

Google Science Feeds - 9 hours 7 min ago
The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has revealed information regarding various asteroids over the years that could possibly strike our planets. The officials at the U.S based space agency (NASA) always keep a watch on all those ...

Fossils of a 100 million year old flying dinosaur found in Mexico

Google Science Feeds - 9 hours 8 min ago
The remains of a flying reptile that once soared over the Sahara desert have been found in Mexico. These fossils belong to three new species of flying pterosaurs and it's believed they are around 100 million years old. Go back that far and the arid desert was ...

Coronavirus self-isolation: How to have a dinner party during quarantine

Google Science Feeds - 9 hours 42 min ago
Get all the latest news on coronavirus and more delivered daily to your inbox. Sign up here. Eating together is how many people come together with friends, family, coworkers or sometimes even strangers to share a meal and talk about the day. Luckily, there ...

Understanding the origin of 'Be X-ray' binaries in the Small Magellanic Cloud

Google Science Feeds - 10 hours 2 min ago
Be/X-ray binaries (BeXRBs) are a class of high-mass X-ray binaries that consist of a Be star and a neutron star, orbiting around a rapidly rotating massive star. This rotation leads the massive star to produce a disk of outflowing material—the neutron star ...

Coronavirus lockdown advice for Hampshire pet owners

Google Science Feeds - 10 hours 18 min ago
WITH lockdown now in place across the UK, thousands of pet owners across Hampshire are either social distancing or self isolating and will be spending at least the next three weeks inside their homes. The Blue Cross is looking at the impact this will have on ...

Coronavirus: 20,000 former NHS staff return to fight virus, PM says

Health News BBC - 11 hours 9 min ago
In a video posted online, the prime minister says the UK can get through the pandemic "together".

Amateur photographers make the most of isolation by capturing the ISS as it flies past

Google Science Feeds - 11 hours 34 min ago
One photographer is making the most of being stuck at home during the coronavirus pandemic by pointing his camera skyward and capturing the International Space Station (ISS) as it passes overhead. The space station is positioned 250 miles above the ...

Study calculates the size of plastic waste marine animals can stomach

Google Science Feeds - 11 hours 54 min ago
While we know that a huge amount of plastic waste is building up in the oceans, what we don't know a lot about is where it ends up, and what exactly it means for marine ecosystems. After studying the stomach contents of thousands of animals, scientists at ...

NASA Historical past: Views from the Shuttle: Earth From House – seen from the House Shuttle

Google Science Feeds - 12 hours 35 min ago
Subscribe For Extra Movies Like This: See my newest movies : Bringing you the BEST House and Astronomy movies on-line. Showcasing movies and pictures from the likes of NASA,ESA,Hubble and many others. Be part of me on Fb: Twitter: Google+ : ...

Mars Rover 'Perseverance' Gets Significant Boost After Important Testing at Kennedy Space Center

Google Science Feeds - 14 hours 33 min ago
BREVARD COUNTY • KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, FLORIDA – The Mars 2020 mission involving NASA's newly named rover — Perseverance — received a significant boost following the completion of important testing at the agency's Kennedy Space Center ...

New Species of Feathered Carnivorous Dinosaur Discovered in New Mexico Yields Evolutionary Insights

Google Science Feeds - 15 hours 3 min ago
The discovery of a new species of dromaeosaurid — a family of generally small to medium-sized feathered carnivores that lived during the Cretaceous Period — is reported in Scientific Reports. The fossil furthers our understanding of dinosaur evolution ...

Six-fold increase in polar ice losses since the 1990s

Google Science Feeds - 15 hours 4 min ago
Greenland and Antarctica are losing ice faster than in the 1990s and are both tracking the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's worst-case climate warming scenario. As a result, this will lead to an extra 17 centimetres of sea level rise by 2100.

Graphene device could harvest Wi-Fi signals for wireless charging

Google Science Feeds - 15 hours 41 min ago
In its current form, wireless charging technology isn't much more useful than plugging in your phone – after all, the device still has to be in contact with the charger. But there's plenty of ambient radiation just floating around in the air, and now researchers from ...

Mass extinction that killed 70 percent of Earth's animals might've taken place in a different time period

Google Science Feeds - 17 hours 34 min ago
The mass extinction that killed nearly 70 percent of the Earth's land animals 252 million years ago may have played out at different times on land and in the sea, according to the study of fossils from South Africa and Australia. The study, published in the ...

Avon Lake resident organizes a neighborhood safari parade to lift community spirits

Google Science Feeds - 17 hours 54 min ago
AVON LAKE, Ohio – John Naisbitt, author of the 1980s best-selling book, Megatrends, once said, “Leadership involves finding a parade and getting in front of it." Avon Lake resident Sara Troyer not only got in front of a parade, she organized it. It was called ...

Ipswich cancer fundraiser postponed due to health crisis

Google Science Feeds - 18 hours 4 min ago
THE Cancer Council has made the heartbreaking decision to postpone one of their biggest fundraisers to protect the community from coronavirus. The decision to postpone Ipswich Relay for Life, which was previously set to take place on May 23-24, was ...

Astronaut's Urine Could Build Their Future Home in The Moon! How Does it Look Like?

Google Science Feeds - 18 hours 11 min ago
How do you think the first human settlement would be built? There are a lot of things that come to mind, but using urine to make your home in the moon plus some other ingredients would not ever come to your account, until now. Astronauts.

A place that makes you ask the questions that really matter

Google Science Feeds - 18 hours 20 min ago
Visitors to Antarctica are often awed and humbled by its size, and its extreme climate. But it also caused the BBC's Justin Rowlatt to reflect on the human ability to solve problems together - and to feel hope for the future. We take off from a glacier near McMurdo ...

Coronavirus doctor's diary: Why are people stealing hospital supplies?

Health News BBC - 18 hours 26 min ago
Dr John Wright explains how Bradford Royal Infirmary is preparing for a "tsunami" of Covid-19 cases.

NASA Hubble Space Telescope: After 30 Years of Service, Hubble Will Have a Different Birthday

Google Science Feeds - 18 hours 36 min ago
The 30th birthday celebration of Hubble Space Telescope will be changed based on the current situations today. Apparently, space activities can also be affected by the massive spread of coronavirus.


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