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Viewing of Venus, new moon offered Saturday

Google Science Feeds - Wed, 12/25/2019 - 08:16
A viewing of the planets Venus and Saturn and a thin crescent moon will be offered Saturday, Dec. 28, by the Klamath County Museum, according to a news release. The free event will run from 5 to 6 p.m. in the parking lot of Foothills Christian Fellowship, ...

Astronomers discover a new exoplanet 66.5 light-years away, making it one of the nearest known to date

Google Science Feeds - Wed, 12/25/2019 - 08:04
Every new planet found orbiting a distant star opens a world of possibilities for astronomers. And a team of scientists has now discovered a rocky exoplanet -- a little bigger than Earth -- which is among the smallest, nearest exoplanets known to date.

Astrotheology: Could discovery of intelligent aliens end all religion?

Google Science Feeds - Wed, 12/25/2019 - 08:01
ASTROTHEOLOGY is becoming an ever more important field of study as the discovery of alien life looks increasingly likely. An expert theologian has spoken to Express.co.uk about the possibility of alien life triggering an existential crisis for the world's ...

SpaceX ends year with another perfect parachute test for Crew Dragon

Google Science Feeds - Wed, 12/25/2019 - 06:50
SpaceX ended the year on a high this week when it completed the 10th consecutive successful test of the Crew Dragon's Mark 3 parachutes. The achievement keeps the company on track for the first crewed test of its space capsule ahead of astronaut ...

Scientists find huge meteor crater in northeast China

Google Science Feeds - Wed, 12/25/2019 - 06:48
HARBIN, Dec. 25 (Xinhua) -- Chinese scientists have discovered a meteor crater with a diameter of 1,850 meters and a depth of 150 meters in Yilan County, northeast China's Heilongjiang Province. Led by the Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry under the ...

Vision 2020: Always a child and a priceless reaction when the Tricolour was planted on the moon

Google Science Feeds - Wed, 12/25/2019 - 06:25
New Delhi, Dec 25: On November 18 2008, India was officially on the moon. Several tense moments and then the Lunar Impact Probe launched by Chandrayaan 1 planted the Tricolour on the moon. The mood was upbeat and India had become the fourth ...

A decade on earth captured from space

Google Science Feeds - Wed, 12/25/2019 - 06:15
The biggest news events of the past decade have been chronicled from space. The last 10 years have seen a boom in the use of satellite imagery for reporting, led by a growth in commercial satellites that has slashed the cost of such images, and advances in ...

Human Brain-Like Functions Emerge in Neuromorphic Metallic Nanowire Network

Google Science Feeds - Wed, 12/25/2019 - 06:01
Emerging fluctuation-based functionalities are expected to open a way to novel memory device technology. An international joint research team led by NIMS succeeded in fabricating a neuromorphic network composed of numerous metallic nanowires.

A beginner's guide to beating the winter blues and heeding the mountain's call

Google Science Feeds - Wed, 12/25/2019 - 05:09
SALT LAKE CITY — For a lot of people, winter is not the most wonderful time of the year. Maybe there's just a little less pep in your step, or you feel downright depressed during the long, cold and dark months. The first snow makes me shudder. On rainy days I ...

Gas disk around star should break conventional theories surrounding planet formation, study says

Google Science Feeds - Wed, 12/25/2019 - 04:46
A section of space experts believes that the gas in the debris disk might have formed due to collision of small bodies like comets. By Nirmal Narayanan. December 25, 2019 12:46 +08. gas around star The distribution of dust is shown in red; the distribution of ...

Boeing astronaut Starliner capsule lands after incomplete mission

Google Science Feeds - Wed, 12/25/2019 - 02:29
Media captionStarliner spacecraft returns early after failed mission. The Boeing company has cut short the uncrewed demonstration flight of its new astronaut capsule. The Starliner launched successfully on its Atlas rocket from Florida, but then suffered ...

Mouse pups born from eggs derived from the granulosa cells that surround oocytes

Google Science Feeds - Wed, 12/25/2019 - 01:37
By introducing a chemical cocktail to granulosa cells, researchers in China induced the cells to transform into functional oocytes in mice. Once fertilized, these oocytes were then successfully able to produce healthy offspring, showing no differences from ...

Solar minimum expected in 2020

Google Science Feeds - Wed, 12/25/2019 - 01:17
ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - NASA has updated its forecast for the “solar minimum” saying they expect it to occur near April 2020. The solar minimum is when solar activity is at its lowest. The pattern of minimum and maximum solar activity follows a fairly ...

New engine tech that could get us to Mars faster

Google Science Feeds - Wed, 12/25/2019 - 00:34
If we're ever to make regular journeys from Earth to Mars and other far-off destinations, we might need new kinds of engines. Engineers are exploring revolutionary new technologies that could help us traverse the Solar System in much less time. Because of ...

We gave up Christmas to fight measles in Samoa

Health News BBC - Wed, 12/25/2019 - 00:32
British doctors and nurses are battling to save children's lives from measles on Christmas Day.

Russian Proton Rocket Sends Satellite Into Orbit in Christmas Eve Launch

Google Science Feeds - Wed, 12/25/2019 - 00:11
Russia's space agency Roscosmos sent a new satellite into orbit in a dazzling Christmas Eve launch today (Dec. 24). It's mission: to study Earth's weather from above. A Proton rocket launched the new satellite, called Electro-L 3, into orbit from Baikonur ...

World's tallest geyser breaks eruption record, stunning Yellowstone visitors, scientists

Google Science Feeds - Tue, 12/24/2019 - 23:32
Steamboat Geyser in Yellowstone National Park blew past its yearly eruption record in 2019. The world's tallest active geyser erupted 47 times, according to the U.S. Geological Survey, indicating the erratic geyser has entered an unusually active period.

Kaboom! The Biggest Space Bloopers of 2019

Google Science Feeds - Tue, 12/24/2019 - 23:30
Spaceflight is hard, and sometimes things don't go to plan. But by looking at past missions and learning from their mistakes, we can make future missions all the better. The year 2019 had a few major "lessons learned" for entities all around the world.

New dark energy theory claims it may not even exist

Google Science Feeds - Tue, 12/24/2019 - 23:15
Dark energy, science's murky potential explanation for why the universe is expanding at an accelerated rate, may not even exist (for the most part), a new theory claims. Researchers with Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University (IKBFU) in Russia have ...

Is space on FIRE? NASA's Spitzer Telescope captures a massive collection of glowing gas and dust

Google Science Feeds - Tue, 12/24/2019 - 22:24
Is space on FIRE? NASA's Spitzer Telescope captures a massive collection of glowing gas and dust that stretches over 500 light-years across. NASA's Spitzer Telescope captured an image of the Perseus Molecular Cloud that looks like flames in space; The ...


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