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NASA's aerial survey of polar ice expands its Arctic reach

1 hour 56 min ago
Ellesmere Island mountain tops bathed in light as the sun began to peak over the horizon during Operation IceBridge's first flight of its 2017 Arctic campaign, on March 9, 2017. Credit: NASA/Nathan Kurtz. For the past eight years, Operation IceBridge, a NASA ...

NASA's Hubble Space Telescope Captures Glimpse of Dazzling Galaxy 50 Million Light Years-Away

2 hours 36 min ago
(NASA) – NGC 3175 is located around 50 million light-years away in the constellation of Antlia (the Air Pump). The galaxy can be seen slicing across the frame in this image from the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope, with its mix of bright patches of ...

NASA's Parker Solar Probe reveals a trove of data about Sun's environment

3 hours 1 min ago
December 15 : NASA's robotic spacecraft, Parker Solar Probe, which was launched into space in August 2018, has come closer to the Sun that has never happened before. The spacecraft, which is equipped with modern scientific instruments to fetch data ...

NASA reveals joint mission with Russia to Venus

3 hours 21 min ago
NASA reveals plans for joint Venus mission with Russia to send a probe and lander to 'Earth's evil twin'. NASA has teamed up with the Russian space program to study 'Earth's evil twin.' Scientists sponsored by the US space agency will meet with the Russian ...

Milky Way is about 890 bn times the mass of our Sun: Study

3 hours 21 min ago
New York, Dec 14 : While it is not possible to put the entire Milky Way on a scale, that has not deterred astronomers from trying to make measurements of our home galaxy. According to a new "robust" estimate of Milky Way's mass measurement, it is about 890 ...

The 'Big One' is coming in 2017: A total solar eclipse

4 hours 6 min ago
CLOSESkip in x. Embed. x. Share. On August 21st, a total solar eclipse will be visible to mainland America. Find out why it is drawing giddy excitement from the public, as well as astronomy gurus. USA TODAY NETWORK. A total solar eclipse moments before ...

Nasa tests massive parachutes for Orion spacecraft

5 hours 18 min ago
Orion moves a step closer to historic first manned flight: NASA completes 'abort test' using capsule's massive parachutes. NASA engineers have successfully simulated the Orion spacecraft's descent from 25,000 feet in the second of eight tests that will ready ...

Hubble dates black hole's last big meal

7 hours 7 min ago
Main illustration shows the light of several distant quasars piercing the northern half of the Fermi Bubbles, an outflow of gas expelled by our Milky Way galaxy's hefty black hole. The Hubble Space Telescope probed the quasars' light for information on the ...

Watch: Blue Origin's sixth successful booster flight [photos, video]

Sat, 12/14/2019 - 23:43
Blue Origin's suborbital rocket known as New Shephard reached an altitude of 105 kilometres on the day of the test. The spacecraft sucessfully crossed the internationally recognised boundary of space known as the Karman line. Blue Origin's purpose is to ...

Boeing's crew capsule declared ready for 1st space flight

Sat, 12/14/2019 - 23:09
Boeing 's Starliner crew capsule finally has a launch date for its first test flight to the International Space Station. After an intensive review Thursday, NASA and Boeing managers agreed to a Dec. 20 liftoff. Advertisement. "Hopefully, we should all be getting an ...

Before and after: Unique changes spotted on comet 67p/Churyumov-Gerasimenko

Sat, 12/14/2019 - 22:02
Several sites of cliff collapse on Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko were identified during Rosetta's mission. This image focuses on an example in the Ash region, close to the boundary with Imhotep on the comet's large lobe. The yellow arrows mark the ...

A chance for the Pluto-huggers? Scientist leads effort to restore underdog's planetary stature

Sat, 12/14/2019 - 21:56
Pluto nearly fills the frame in this image from the Long Range Reconnaissance Imager (LORRI) aboard NASA's New Horizons spacecraft, taken on July 13, 2015 when the spacecraft was 476,000 miles (768,000 kilometers) from the surface. This is the last ...

Mars volcano died at the same time as the dinosaurs

Sat, 12/14/2019 - 21:42
Around the same time that the on Earth, a volcano on Mars went dormant, NASA researchers have learned. Arsia Mons is the southernmost volcano in a group of three massive Martian volcanoes known collectively as Tharsis Montes. Until now, the volcano's ...

New definition of planet would make Pluto, 100 celestial bodies into planets

Sat, 12/14/2019 - 21:13
This image made available by NASA on Friday, July 24, 2015 shows a combination of images captured by the New Horizons spacecraft with enhanced colors to show differences in the composition and texture of Pluto's surface.(Photo: Uncredited, AP).

Chang'e-4: China mission launches to far side of Moon

Sat, 12/14/2019 - 20:51
China has launched the first mission to land a robotic craft on the far side of the Moon, Chinese media say. The Chang'e-4 mission will see a static lander and rover touch down in Von Kármán crater, located on the side of the Moon which never faces Earth.

Water from South African gold mine could contain life that's been isolated for TWO BILLION years

Sat, 12/14/2019 - 20:50
WATER from a South African gold and uranium mine could contain life that's been isolated there for two billion years. The liquid time capsules were extracted from two miles below the Earth's surface, and could provide valuable insight into the process by ...

Geminid meteor shower peaks Saturday

Sat, 12/14/2019 - 20:48
The Geminid meteor shower is one of the most active and dependable displays of the year, according to the American Meteor Society. This year, the shower will peak on the evening of December 13 and 14, so hope for clear skies that will let you see a ...

Rosetta lands on 67P in grand finale to 2 12 months comet mission

Sat, 12/14/2019 - 20:00
Rosetta's last image of Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko, taken shortly before impact, at an altitude of 51 m. ESA/Rosetta/MPS for OSIRIS Team MPS/UPD/LAM/IAA/SSO/INTA/UPM/DASP/IDA. By Jacob Aron. Goodbye Rosetta, it's been great knowing you.

China's house station now has bugs, weeds and rice on board

Sat, 12/14/2019 - 19:53
INSECTS, weeds and rice are growing on the Chinese space station, and could pave the way for future food sources for astronauts. China's Tiangong-2 space station launched on 15 September, and two astronauts have been living there since mid-October.

NASA Moon landing: Apollo 15 astronaut reveals why 'return to Earth' was not an option

Sat, 12/14/2019 - 19:14
NASA astronaut Alfred “Al” Worden has revealed why a “return to Earth” was not an option for the Apollo 15 computers, 40 years after safely landing on the Moon. By Sebastian Kettley. 19:03, Sat, Dec 14, 2019 | UPDATED: 19:14, Sat, Dec 14, 2019. Share.