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NASA Investigates Alternative Fuels That Promotes Cleaner Contrails

Sun, 06/20/2021 - 18:06
According to NASA's new study, cleaner-burning jet fuels are made from stable resources and can produce between 50% and 70% fewer ice crystal contrails at cruising altitude. This can help reduce the overall impact of aviation on the environment.

Our soaring space industry

Sun, 06/20/2021 - 18:02
In the last few weeks New Zealand has signed a space treaty over Moon exploration and resources; a Canterbury spit has been announced as a rocket launch base; and Rocket Lab has been tasked with designing two photon spacecraft for a 2024 scientific ...

Space: Science and Technology:

Sun, 06/20/2021 - 17:43
Related products 00:02 – December 27, 2019. 00:01 – December 30, 2020 Space Dash. 00:01 – January 9 Moon landing, Mars flight and new rockets: Why will 2021 fall in space history? In 2020, the United States and China lost Roscosmos' money and their ...

SpaceX successfully launched GPS III Space Vehicle 05

Sun, 06/20/2021 - 17:40
SpaceX is celebrating another successful launch of a commercial satellite that happened on Thursday, June 17, at 12:09 PM EDT. A previously flown Falcon 9 rocket launched from Space Lodge Complex 40 at Cape Canaveral Space Force Station in Florida, ...

New stamps from the Postal Service celebrate a decade of watching the sun

Sun, 06/20/2021 - 17:32
It also measures the sun's magnetic field and the motion of solar material at its surface and also allows scientists to probe deep into the sun's interior, NASA said. "What SDO has done is given us ...

Lindsey: Supermoons, strawberry moons and every moon in between

Sun, 06/20/2021 - 16:04
In January 2018, we experienced two supermoon occurrences. The first one, nicknamed a "wolf moon," happened New Year's Night, followed by another supermoon on Jan. 31 — a rare red and blue moon combination, thanks to a partial lunar eclipse.

Drone Footage Reveals Secret Social Lives of Killer Whales

Sun, 06/20/2021 - 16:00
Researchers from the University of Exeter and the Center for Whale Research concluded that the marine predators, feared in the open water and long a feature of Sea World theme parks, form complex social structures in their pods.

Gigantic meteorite impact in Ukraine dated to 65 million years ago

Sun, 06/20/2021 - 15:55
Everyone's familiar with the demise of the dinosaurs thanks to a massive asteroid that slammed into the earth, causing an extension of most species on the planet. What many may not know is another massive meteorite impacted the planet. That second ...

Apollo 14 remembered as 'back to space' mission that expanded lunar science

Sun, 06/20/2021 - 15:27
The three astronauts from Apollo 14 -- Alan Shepard, Stuart Roosa and Edgar Mitchell -- have died, but their families and several other Apollo-era figures recalled the trip as a triumphant return to the moon after the Apollo 13 accident.

Watch live: Second spacewalk begins to install space station solar arrays

Sun, 06/20/2021 - 15:09
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Hubble telescope on halt after trouble with payload computer: NASA

Sun, 06/20/2021 - 14:37
Washington, June 20. US Space agency NASA continues to work on the payload computer on the Hubble Space Telescope, which halted probably due to a degrading memory module. Hubble, which has been watching the universe over the past 30 years, ...

Do dogs 'talk' to one another? Baston animal behaviour expert, Karen Wild answers

Sun, 06/20/2021 - 14:08
Do dogs 'talk' to one another? The obvious answer to this is 'of course they do!', but it's not all barking that dogs do to communicate with one another, said animal behaviour expert, Karen Wild. Dogs are the same species, so how could any dog not know what ...

The core mystery of physics-only mathematics can solve it

Sun, 06/20/2021 - 13:35
“It's totally boring, because you describe a lonely field with nothing to interact with, so it's kind of like an academic exercise,” Rejzner said. But you can make it more interesting. Physicists dial the interaction, trying to maintain mathematical control over the ...

First light in the Newark Octagon

Sun, 06/20/2021 - 13:30
In 2005, as we approached the time of the 2006 lunar standstill when the rising moon has moved to its farthest point to the north along the eastern horizon, a few of us were keen to view, and for me, to test the calculations of Ray Hively and Bob Horn, two ...

How to watch the full 'strawberry' moon, the last supermoon of 2021

Sun, 06/20/2021 - 13:03
From a lunar eclipse to a partial solar eclipse to supermoons, 2021 has been a spectacular year for lunar events. But this month marks the year's final supermoon, with the full “strawberry” moon illuminating the night sky next week. A supermoon occurs when ...

ESA/NASA crew continue ISS spacewalk to install new solar arrays

Sun, 06/20/2021 - 12:57
Two astronauts have ventured outside the International Space Station (ISS) to attempt to continue installation of the first of six new Boeing-built solar arrays — part of a program to increase the station's electrical power generation capacity as its science and ...

Astronauts begin spacewalk to install solar panels on International Space Station

Sun, 06/20/2021 - 12:53
(CNN) Space is hard -- and no one understands that better than astronauts. After facing "technical delays" during a spacewalk on Wednesday, NASA astronaut Shane Kimbrough and European Space Agency astronaut Thomas Pesquet are conducting a ...

How to watch the full "strawberry" moon — the last supermoon of 2021

Sun, 06/20/2021 - 12:10
A supermoon occurs when the moon is at its closest point to Earth in its orbit, known as perigee. It appears slightly larger and brighter than a typical full moon. However, scientists have yet to agree ...

Why one of the brightest stars in the sky mysteriously started to dim

Sun, 06/20/2021 - 12:00
These images, taken with the SPHERE instrument on the European Southern Observatory's Very Large Telescope, show the surface of the red supergiant star Betelgeuse during its unprecedented dimming, which happened in late 2019 and early 2020. (Image ...

Is every spiderweb unique?

Sun, 06/20/2021 - 12:00
Building these strong yet ephemeral traps is a process that follows patterns shared among spider species. But is there room for individual variation that makes one species' web — or one individual spider's — recognizably different from another's? Are all webs ...